Hotel Ciutat de Girona & Apartments

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At the Hotel Ciutat de Girona we know that cities are not only to be visited but also to be enjoyed. Therefore, we open the doors to the cultural and historic center of Girona, where our guests can have the best and most charismatic gastronomic experiences.

We invite you to live the city with intensity, and let yourself be seduced by all the stimuli that make Girona a unique place. Allow us to show you a slow Girona filled with an impressive array of possibilities that will connect directly with our guests’ specific needs and ways to travel (sport, health, energy, gastronomy, urban space, history, shopping, luxury, and events).

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Hotel Ciutat de Girona & Apartments
Nord, 2
17001 Girona (El Gironès)

Telefon: (+34) 972 483 038